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MJFF Mouse Models

To save researchers time and resources, The Michael J. Fox Foundation has made a number of tools available to the scientific community with quick delivery and at low cost. Scantox obtained the right to offer the following MJFF mouse models to its customers and would be happy to perform your study in these models.

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Common Name
Allele Type
JAX strain
Active link
LRRK1LRRK1 KOKnockout16120knockout exons 24 throught 29 of Lrrk1https://www.jax.org/strain/016120
LRRK1LRRK1 KOKnockout22880knockout exons 24 throught 29 of Lrrk1, no Pde6bhttps://www.jax.org/strain/022880
LRRK1 and LRRK2LRRK1/2 double KO16122knockout exons 24 throught 29 of Lrrk1 and knockout exons 39 throught 40 of Lrrk2https://www.jax.org/strain/016122
LRRK2BAC Human LRRK2 wildtypeKnockout13725BAC transgene expresisng WT LRRK2 enodgenouse promotorhttps://www.jax.org/strain/013725
LRRK2BAC Human LRRK2 R1441GTransgenic18786BAC LRRK2(R1441G) enodenous promotorhttps://www.jax.org/strain/018786
LRRK2BAC Human LRRK2 G2019STransgenic18785BAC LRRK2 (G2019S) transgenehttps://www.jax.org/strain/018785
LRRK2LRRK2 KOTransgenic16121knockout exons 39 throught 40 of Lrrk2https://www.jax.org/strain/016121
LRRK2LRRK2 D1994A KIKnockout21830D1994A point mutation in Lrrk2https://www.jax.org/strain/021830
LRRK2LRRK2 T1348N KIKnockin21829T1348N point mutation in Lrrk2https://www.jax.org/strain/021829
LRRK2LRRK2 A2016T KIKnockin21828A2016T point mutation in Lrrk2https://www.jax.org/strain/021828
SNCABAC Human alphasynuclein wildtypeKnockin18442BAC murine promotor Human WT SNCAhttps://www.jax.org/strain/018442
SNCAmThy-1 Human alpha-synucleinTransgenic16936Murine Thy1 promotor, human WT SNCAhttps://www.jax.org/strain/016936
SNCAmThy-1 Human alpha-synucleinTransgenic17682Murine Thy1 promotor, human WT SNCAhttps://www.jax.org/strain/017682
SNCAAlpha-synuclein KOKnockout16123knockout exons 1 through 4 of murine SNCAhttps://www.jax.org/strain/016123
Eif4g1Eif4g1 R1207HKnockin24521R1207H in exon 24, as well as loxP sites flanking exons 24 to 28. Crebmediated recombination removes exon 24 to 28 resulting in null allele.https://www.jax.org/strain/024521
Eif4g1Eif4g1 KOConditional Knockout21827LoxP sites flanking exons 24 to 28. Creb-mediated recombination removed exon 24 to 28 resulting in null allele.https://www.jax.org/strain/021827
VPS35VPS35 D620N KIKnockin23409D620N mutation in exon 15https://www.jax.org/strain/023409
VPS35VPS35 D620N KIfloxΔneo Vps35Conditional Knockout21807Cre recombinase inducible D620N mutation in exon 15https://www.jax.org/strain/021807
GBAGBA D409V KIKnockin19106Gba D427V mutant protein corresponse to D409Vhttps://www.jax.org/strain/019106

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