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Ex Vivo Services

Scantox is your expert in the field of neurodegenerative and rare diseases. In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical research, precision and accuracy are paramount.

Besides our preclinical in vitro and in vivo research services, we support your research with validated biochemical and histological analysis methods. We provide a state-of-the-art research environment and unique expertise based on decades of experience and constant development. Therefore, we can deliver precise and accurate testing of preclinical and clinical samples to evaluate new potential treatment approaches, thus offering the chance to analyze and understand the intricate results at the cellular and molecular level. Additionally, we hold one of the largest rodent biobanks for neuroscience research and are happy to provide rodent sample materials.

Histological techniques allow to study the qualitative and quantitative effects of drug candidates while maintaining tissue and cellular architecture. Biochemical techniques are perfectly suitable to evaluate biochemical differences in tissue and fluid samples and provide a great opportunity to translate preclinical biomarker research into clinics. Adding ex vivo services ensures a robust and informed decision-making process. By combining in vivoin vitro, and ex vivo approaches, Scantox offers a thorough understanding of a drug candidate’s efficacy across different levels of complexity. This integrative approach supports you in selecting the most promising drug candidates for further development and provides valuable data for regulatory submissions.

We are happy to analyze your preclinical and clinical samples, adapt our tests to fit your needs, establish specific model systems for your research focus, or use your models to accelerate your research program. We listen to and understand your unique needs. Our services are therefore highly customizable– you decide where in the workflow you wish to enter and where to exit.

Our rodent biobank contains various specimens derived from most in-house models. We are ready to support your research activities by providing or analyzing samples from our biobank for you.


Scantox's well characterized and validated in vivo models are useful tools to push your CNS drug discovery research forward. We are happy to support your research activities with sample material from our biobank composed of various specimen derived from our in-house in vivo models.
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In vitro Services

Scantox provides research services with numerous standardized cell culture systems including transgenic and non-transgenic cell lines, glial cells, primary chicken and rat peripheral and central nervous system neurons of different development stages and organotypic brain slices. New models are developed and validated on request.
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In Vivo Services

As a leading CRO for CNS drug development, Scantox is the premier provider for services with transgenic animals. We have more than 20 years of experience in generating, characterizing, and maintaining transgenic disease models and applying them for drug testing projects.
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