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Scantox Group

Scantox is the leading Nordic preclinical GLP-accredited CRO, focused on pharmacology and regulatory toxicology. We are headquartered in Denmark, in the same location as where the company was originally founded, and in addition Scantox has subsidiaries in Sweden and Austria.

Based on decades of experience, we are a trusted partner for product development services within the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices industries, and a globally recognized leader for our expertise with Göttingen Minipigs. Our services enable clients to progress their drug or device development based on solid data to the highest technical and scientific standards.

Founded in 1977, Scantox is today owned by Impilo, the leading Nordic healthcare investment company.

Core Competencies

Scantox is specialized in preclinical contract research services. Our work enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to progress drug development projects, based on solid high-quality data. Core competencies within the Scantox Group include:

· Explorative and efficacy studies
· PK-studies
· General toxicology including Juvenile & EFD
· Local tolerance
· Wound healing
· Vaccines
· GLP and GMP compliant

Key Specialities

In addition, each of our locations offer a wide range of unique key specialties:

· Infectious disease models (BSL 1-3)
· Stereotactic surgery
Advanced imaging PET-CT; PET-NMR, MRI
· Oncology, xenograft models
· Metabolic disorders
· Customized animal models incl. orphan diseases
· Juvenile minipig studies incl. feeding studies
DART in minipigs

· Colony animals
· Safety pharmacology studies

Scantox Services within the Drug Development Process

The drug and device development process timeline can be divided into different lifecycle phases, and it is often a 10+ years process for a new drug to reach the intended market.

Once a lead compound is identified within the drug discovery phase, the preclinical phase of drug development begins with in vivo research to determine the efficacy and safety of the drug. Preclinical trials test the new drug on non-human subjects for efficacy, toxicity, and pharmacokinetic (PK) information.

Scantox’ core business is studies within the Preclinical phase, but we also extend our expertise into in vitro and in vivo studies in early discovery. Scantox is catered towards providing services for both the biopharmaceutical innovative SMEs, as well as the bigger pharma companies on the global arena. 

Drug development process overview

Scantox is your guarantee for solid timelines, on-time and on-budget deliveries, the highest quality scientific data, and a close partnership where you are in contact with a dedicated scientist from start to finish of your study.

GLP Accredited Company

Scantox is your GLP-accredited CRO partner.

The fundamental purpose of the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is to ensure the quality and integrity of test data related to non-clinical studies. The way in which study data is generated, handled, reported, retained and archived has continued to evolve in line with the introduction and ongoing development of supporting technologies. However, the main purpose of the requirements of the Principles of GLP remains the same in having confidence in the quality, the integrity of the data and being able to reconstruct activities performed during the conduct of non-clinical studies.


Company Milestones

International Service

From the corporate headquarters in Denmark, Scantox is today serving customers all over the world. And the company is world known for its high quality data, on time deliveries, and high ethical standards.

In 2022 Scantox’ international journey began, adding not only new geographical locations, but also an array of complimentary services to the company’s study portfolio.


The Scantox name dates back to 1977. It holds the story of our origination and our original key focus areas of research and expertise – SCANdinavia TOXicology.

HQ Location in Denmark

Headquarters of the Scantox Group is located in Denmark – in Lille Skensved close to Køge, where the company was originally founded back in 1977. The area is within beautiful rural settings and just 30 minutes away from the city center of Copenhagen.


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