About Scantox

About Scantox

Scantox A/S is a Scandinavian pre-clinical GLP-accredited Contract Research Organization focused on pharmacology and regulatory toxicology. Based on decades of experience, we are a trusted partner for product development services within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Our services enable clients to progress their drug or device development based on solid data to the highest technical and scientific standards. The Scantox team is passionate about our common vision to improve the health of people, and all our processes are rooted in dedication and guided by a strong sense of purpose.

Founded in 1977, Scantox is today owned by the Nordic based investment company Impilo.

Scantox Pig

Minipig toxicology

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, we are considered global leaders within minipig toxicology studies.

Scantox Science

Scientific Excellence

We work to the highest scientific standards, and engage with partners in scientific collaborations to provide the best scientific results and highest degree of knowledge.

Scantox People

Expertise and Quality

The Scantox team are all experts, dedicated and passionate about providing the highest quality work to our partners.

Scantox Ethics


We work consistently with integrity in our efforts to deliver scientific results. We apply high ethics standards in all aspects of our operations – employees, animals and environment.

Scantox Customers


We partner with our clients. And as our valued partner, you will be in contact with a Scantox scientist during the entire project process.

Scantox Sustainability


Scantox strives for energy-efficient processes, and has ecological measures implemented to provide sustainable solutions in all that we do.