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Induced Disease Models

As a leading CRO for CNS drug development, Scantox provides induced animal models of several neurodegenerative and rare diseases. Animal models that recapitulate some pathophysiological and behavioral characteristics of human disorders can be used to develop new disease-specific drugs, screen compounds for lesion efficacy or toxicity, or study gene function. Furthermore, Scantox offers virus injections of different types to induce a plethora of different pathologies by introducing cDNA or shRNA of your target protein.

Scantox offers a custom tailored study design for these models and we are flexible to accommodate to your special interests. We are also happy to advice you and propose study designs. Induced models have a explicitly low turn-around time by using wild type mice of commercial breeding companies.

We would be glad to test your compounds in these mouse models!

As with all other in vivo models we are also ready to provide samples (brain tissue, CSF etc.) from these animals for analyses in your laboratory.

We are happy to receive your inquiry.