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Before any new drug or therapy is brought to market, regulations are in place for test phases to identify any health or safety risks as well as the effectiveness of the new product. The regulations typically require testing in animal models, and when this is required, the research is highly regulated to ensure responsible, humane and ethical treatment.

The conduct of studies using experimental animals is in Denmark licensed by The Animal Ethics Council (Rådet for Dyreforsøg) and in Sweden by the Animal Ethics Committee (Djurförsöksetiska Nämnden), and are performed in accordance with the Danish and Swedish Laws on Animal Experimentation (LBK nr. 474 af 15/05/2014 and BEK nr. 2028 af 14/12/2020 and L150, Statens jordbruksverks föreskrifter och allmänna råd om försöksdjur, SJVFS 2019:9), the European Directive (2010/63/EU), as well as internationally accepted principles for the care and use of laboratory animals.

Animal Welfare

At Scantox, our team of trained and experienced animal technicians and veterinarians conduct professional handling and care of all our research animals to ensure their optimal health and well being. We are dedicated to provide optimal housing, handling and nutrition to our animals.

Scantox works at all times to apply the 3R principles (replacement, reduction and refinement) in the studies that we conduct.

    The Scantox staff is dedicated to ensure the best care and welfare of all laboratory animals in our facilities.

    3R – Replace, Reduce, Refine

    The principle of the 3Rs was originally introduced in 1959, establishing the accepted standards for research with animals. The 3Rs are part of the everyday practice of the European biomedical industry and are an integral part of national as well as international laws that regulate the use of animals in scientific procedures.

    The 3Rs have a broader scope than simply encouraging alternatives to animal testing, but aim to improve animal welfare and scientific quality where the use of animals cannot be avoided.

    The Scantox Animal Welfare Group is constantly working on ways to apply the 3R principles in all studies conducted.

    Replace: Living and sentient laboratory animals should be replaced as far as possible with non-sentient alternatives

    Reduce: The intended experimental goal should be achieved with as few animals as possible

    Refine: The experimental animals used are treated as gently as possible. This refers to the entire life of the animal – breeding, transport, husbandry, testing, and, if necessary, life ending.


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