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Embryofetal Studies at Scantox

For embryofetal development studies, syncronization and mating take place at Scantox. The overall study period can therefore be shortened considerably, allowing for the entire study to be performed simultaneously, thus allowing for an earlier reporting deadline to the benefit of the client.

The nearby location as well a the close level collaboration with Ellegard Göttingen Minipigs A/S enable a fast delivery of suitable dams, which are estrus synchronised and mated at Scantox for an optimal timeline and safe conduct of the embryofetal study.

Experience since 1995

Scantox has performed embryofetal development studies in minipigs since 1995 and have generated a large background data base on adverse findings in minipig fetuses.

Such large background data collection is essential for evaluating whether findings in embryofetal studies are test item related – or simply normal background findings, and enables a clear and precise assessment.

The incidence of congenital malformations and variations in Göttingen minipigs

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