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Scantox Management

The Scantox Management team brings extensive experience from the CRO industry, pharma, academia and regulatory compliance. Our key focus is bringing the best people on board and develop Scantox to service our clients in the best possible way.

Executive Management

Jeanet Løgsted, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

JLN mail
Martin Amtoft Christensen
Martin Amtoft-Christensen, MSc
Chief Financial Officer

Group Management

Andy Brown
Andy Brown, MBA
Manuela Prokesch
Manuela Prokesch, PhD
COO Discovery
Lone Bruhn Madsen
Lone Bruhn Madsen, PhD
CSO Discovery
Mette Ellemann-Søtofte
Mette Ellemann-Søtofte, MSc
COO Regulatory Toxicology
Mikkel Lykke Jensen
Mikkel Lykke Jensen, DVM
CSO Regulatory Toxicology

Local Site Management

Björn Platzack
Björn Platzack, PhD
Discovery Sweden, Scantox Solna 
Rachel Cheong
Rachel Cheong, PhD
Scantox Lund
Rickard Wahlstrom
Rickard Wahlström, MSc
Scantox Gothenburg
AFL, Ann Fullerton
Ann Fullerton, PhD
Scantox Ballerup
Robert Wronski
Robert Wronski, PhD
Scantox Neuro, Austria

Client Service​

Tine Worm Damgaard
Tine Worm Damgaard, MSc
Global Client Service Director