Management has extensive experience in the CRO industry, pharma, academia and within the field of regulatory compliance. Our focus is on bringing the best people on board and development Scantox to service our clients in the best possible way.

Chief Executive Officer

Jeanet Løgsted, PhD, MSc Pharm

After 15 years in the Danish pharma industry working with pre-clinical drug development, Jeanet joined Scantox in 2005 and she has been heading the site since 2017. Jeanet is actively part of our Business Development team and participate in scientific discussion with you as a client. 

Chief Financial Officer

Kim Konradsen

For more than 25 years Kim has been the CFO at Scantox with an extensive insight to the relationship and legal requirement of our national and international clients from a financial perspective.

Chief Operating Officer

Mette Ellemann-Søtofte, MSc Pharm

Mette has +15 years of experience within management, quality and lean. Mette has been working for more than 8 years at Scantox. Mette rejoined the company in 2020. 

Chief Scientific Officer and Business Development

Mikkel Lykke, DVM

Mikkel joined Scantox in 2013, and holds in depth scientific and practical experience working with pre-clinical drug development including implementation of new procedures and models. Besides being part of our Business development Team Mikkel is our chief surgeon and he is part of the national Animal Ethics Council where he was appointed by the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Director of Business Development and Client Service

Tine Worm Damgaard, MSc

Tine joined Scantox in 2005 working within Sales and Marketing having the initial contact with clients for advice on study designs and providing clients with proposals. She was also the main point of contact for some of the larger clients of Scantox. In 2012 Tine joined the Outsourcing Management team of one of the larger pharma companies in Denmark. After a period of about 5½ years Tine rejoined Scantox in 2017 and took the role as manager of the Client Service team.

Director of Quality Assurance and Report Management

Pauline Sylvest Salanti, MSc

Pauline has more than 20 years of experience in different roles within GLP spanning from the CRO industry, pharma and the Danish Medicines Agency.