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Scantox recognizes that our certifications play a pivotal role in shaping our livelihood and defining our commitment to excellence.

Each day, we dedicate ourselves to upholding and surpassing the national and international standards set by these certifications. 

We are proud to confirm that every certification we pursue, we successfully obtain.

Further, we are regularly inspected by our national and international clients for quality as required by the regulatory bodies.

Our focus of continuous Improvement under- scores our dedication to being the best we can be, as we strive to align our practices with the highest benchmarks in our industry.


Our regulatory quality certification for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufactory Practice (GMP) is obtained by national agencies and accreditation bodies.

Business Specific

The use of research animals is licensed by the national authorities, either the Danish Animal Experiment Council (Radet for Dyreforsog) or the Swedish animal Ethics Committee (Djurforsoksetiska Namnden) and are fully compliant with current EU legislation governing the use of research animals.

EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

Our business requires us to use gene modified organisms (GMO’s), radio-labelled compounds, hazardous chemicals and more. Our facilities fulfil any legal requirements for using such substances and our staff is trained properly as well and always wear all relevant protective gear.