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Clinical Pathology

Tests / Biomarkers

Included in the Scantox laboratory set up is a fully equipped clinical pathology lab, set up to enable analyses of all standard tests/biomarkers within hematology, biochemistry, coagulation and urinalysis as required in toxicology guidelines. The analyses are validated for all relevant species (minipig, dog, rabbit, rat and mouse) routinely used at Scantox.

The Scantox team also has the expertise as well as the equipment to perform tests within flowcytometry, aggregometry and ELISA. Besides the standard tests, Scantox has implemented and validated an extensive range of tests within clinical pathology.

New Clinical Pathology Tests

New Clinical Pathology Tests

For a specific request of a new test, it is possible to have it implemented and/or validated at Scantox in cooperation with the client.

We perform clinical pathology tests on studies performed at the Scantox facility, but we also offer clinical pathology analyses on samples from studies performed in-house at clients.

Standard tests / biomarkers

  • hematology
  • biochemistry
  • coagulation
  • urinalysis


  • flowcytometry
  • aggregometry