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In Vivo Behavioral Tests

Scantox provides a wide range of behavioral tests for various indications and has more than 20 years of experience in establishing, performing, and evaluating behavioral tests. Most tests are performed using rater-independent digital animal tracking and rating systems.

Behavioral testing in animal experiments is an essential tool to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drug candidates, identify potential adverse effects, and provide insights into the underlying mechanisms of behavior and disease. It is a critical component of preclinical and translational research and plays an indispensable role in advancing our understanding of the biological basis of behavior and disease. Additionally, behavioral testing can provide information on optimal dosing and administration schedules of drug candidates. Behavioral tests involve exposing animals to specific stimuli or tasks and measuring their responses or performance. There are numerous types of behavioral tests that can be used depending on the specific research question and rodent model used, including tests for general healthcognitionmotor abilityanxiety & depressionsocial behavior, and lateral lesions. Different tests can be combined and used in the same experiment to ensure measurement of the of drug candidate’s effect. Features such as housing and testing conditions, age, sex, and genotype of the animals strongly affect behavioral outcomes. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure standardized testing conditions. Our expertise is to turn results from academia into standardized protocols which facilitate repeatable, reproducible, robust measurements.

We are happy to receive your inquiry to elaborate the most efficient options for your in vivo study and to complement behavioral testing with immunohistochemical, biochemical, and molecular biological techniques.

We offer numerous tests to evaluate several dimensions of animal behavior. Can’t find what you are looking for? We are constantly establishing new tests and would be glad to develop tests according to your requirements.

In vitro Services

Scantox provides research services with numerous standardized cell culture systems including transgenic and non-transgenic cell lines, glial cells, primary chicken and rat peripheral and central nervous system neurons of different development stages and organotypic brain slices. New models are developed and validated on request.
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