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Key activity for evaluating and optimizing new candidates in drug discovery and early drug development

Pharmacokinetics – or PK studies – is a key activity for evaluating and optimizing new candidates in drug discovery and early drug development. Solid information of the pharmacokinetics of a new drug candidate is of prime importance for the successful outcome of drug discovery projects. Scantox performs pharmacokinetic studies in both rodents and non-rodents with laboratories, protocols, and processes designed specifically to meet the requirements of pharmacokinetics.

Pharmacokinetic studies are often performed before efficacy studies (which are often extensive and costly) to verify that the formulation and dosage will provide adequate drug exposure in the test animal.

Well-designed PK studies provide data to assist in the study design and species selection for efficacy and proof of concept studies, including dosing schedule and dose levels.

Drug discovery is typically an iterative process, with the selection of new compounds with desirable pharmacokinetic profiles for further investigation. Pharmacokinetic screening studies that include fast start-up and quick turnaround time are therefore essential for efficient lead optimization or evaluation of different formulations.


We help create the right setup

Our experienced scientists and study directors will help you set up the pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, or biodistribution studies suitable for your unique research needs.

Studies are always customized to the special requirements of the client. From standard screening to more complex studies we will assist in designing the best strategy and protocols.

Scantox provides experience and facilities

We have experience with small chemical compounds, peptides, proteins, antibodies, nanoparticles, vaccines, and even implants and sustained release depots. Study times range from short-term single dose studies of a few hours to long-term repeated dose or depot formulation of six months or longer.

We focus on executing in-life phase services which is our core competence. Some clients prefer to perform bioanalysis at their own bioanalytical laboratories. However, for clients that do not have these capabilities at hand, we offer professional bioanalytical services in-house.