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Molecular Biology – Biomarker

Scantox offers a broad selection of molecular biological methods for the assessment of gene expression, metabolism, neurodegeneration, inflammatory processes, and other factors involved in the pathogenesis and pathology of various diseases.

Highly standardized methods are routinely performed to achieve a high reproducibility and a translational value of your research projects, moving from preclinical to clinical stage.

Molecular biology services can be included in any kind of study performed at Scantox and can also be applied to samples provided by you.

The unit further supports in vitro and in vivo studies performed at Scantox by carrying out a wide range of analyses and additionally provides testing and measuring services for tissues of external preclinical or clinical studies.

The starting point of your study at Scantox can be any time in our workflow from generation of samples, sample processing, measurements, and statistical analysis to receipt of a full report. The set up is completely customizable.

Bioanalytical Services Workflow

Depending on your desired readout, we offer analytics for a wide range of indications. Methods performed in the molecular biology department include:

Measurements of relevant biomarkers of neurodegeneration like neurofilament light chain (NFL), which is a highly translational marker of neurodegeneration. Measurement can be performed in body fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), plasma and serum, of neurodegenerative disease animal models or cell culture supernatants as well as human-derived samples.

Disease specific biomarkers such as amyloid-β species 38/40/42 and (phosphorylated) tau protein as marker of Alzheimer’s disease, are analyzed in brain and CSF samples of animal models and clinical samples on a regular basis. Additionally, amyloid-β oligomers in diverse types of biological samples can be screened using the A4 (Amorfix Aggregated Abeta Assay).

State of the art protein analysis platforms like protein simple WES™ and MesoScale Discovery (MSD) MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM allow high throughput analysis for a variety of biomarkers with limited sample volumes. This includes, e.g., biomarkers for neuroinflammation.

In addition to standardized methods, Scantox also offers the set up and validation of customized assays adapted to your needs.

Please refer to the respective in vitro and  in vivo models to find more information about our services or contact us for custom-built solutions.

We provide fast in-house processing by skilled and experienced personnel and work with dependable shipping companies to ensure secure transportation of your samples. We offer comprehensive analysis for a wide range of S1 and S2 sample types. This includes samples sourced from both internal and external in vivo studies (mouse/rat/guinea pig), as well as samples from diverse cell culture models (human, mouse, rat, chicken) and even human subjects or patients involved in clinical studies.


Our tissue sampling team is highly trained to dissect different tissues from mice and rats. Different euthanasia and perfusion methods can be performed depending on your experimental needs. Can’t find what you are looking for? We are constantly establishing new methods and would be glad to develop dissections according to your requirements.

  • Tissues
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Blood, plasma, serum
  • Urine
  • Cell extracts & supernatants
  • In vitro protein aggregation

Tissue or cell culture samples are routinely prepared and fractionated according to established methods.

  • Soluble or insoluble fractions
  • Cytosolic and nuclear fractions
  • Extraction and purification of DNA/RNA/protein
sample processing

We routinely perform protein quantification and enzyme activity assessment, with standardized colorimetric, fluorescence or luminescence detection methods.

  • Western blotting
  • WES
  • Enzymatic assays (e.g., monoamine oxidase, acetyl/butylcholinesterase activity)
blue measuring

Protein analysis can be performed with kits for the MSD platform (Mesoscale Discovery). Using multiplex assays enables multiple readouts within one measurement:

  • for various inflammation marker/cytokines (TNF-a, IFN-γ, various interleukins, and many more)
  • Tau
  • α-synuclein and many more

Furthermore, Scantox offers a diverse array of assays for various biomarkers and pathological processes:

  • Colorimetric assays such as TBARS assay for oxidative stress
  • Assessment of total cholesterol levels in plasma and tissues

If you are interested in gene expression and mRNA analysis, we can investigate your samples for any gene of interest using:

  • Quantitative real-time RT-PCR/gene expression analysis for any gene of interest
  • Standard RT-PCR for any gene of interest

Furthermore, customized assays can be set up and validated.

Statistical Data Analysis

  • Professional statistical data analysis (unbiased and representative) performed by our team of scientists and biostatisticians
  • Conscientious quality checks of measurements and results
statistics and reporting

Reporting of Experiments and Results

  • At the end of each study our customers receive a full study report including all experimental procedures, qualitative and quantitative assessment of the results, as well a comprehensive statistical analysis
  • Constant updates throughout the study are provided if desired
Customer Feedback

Thanks a million for sending out the final report. It was terrific working with you and the Scantox team. We really appreciate the work carried out by you all.


We’ve really enjoyed working with the in vivo and ex vivo groups at Scantox.


It was great working with you all and I look forward to future collaborations!


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