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Generating Product IPR

Let Scantox propose how to develop your specific molecule into a unique proprietary product.

We have supported many customers in getting new IPR and thus new commercial potential by re-inventing their products into efficient combination products.


  • Formulation Development to achieve products with unique dissolution profiles e.g. delayed and extended release products
  • Combination products of several active drugs having different release profiles such as products where the individual drugs each are having a unique delivery profile
  • Improved bioavailability of low soluble drugs
  • Elimination of high first pass metabolism and/or CYP metabolism of lipohilic drugs
  • Reduction or elimination of food effect
  • Generation of product patent applications

Lymphatic Targeting Technology

For very lipophilic products with LogP >5, our proprietary Lymphatic Targeting Technology allows us to develop complete new and unique products showing excellent bioavailability by overcoming a high first pass metabolism and removing food effect. It is a strong desire for patients that their medicine can be taken independent of meals, a benefit often not possible today, – but where the Technology can make a difference.

All you need to know about Scantox’ proprietary Lymphatic Targeting Technology.