At Scantox we offer a broad range of services to our clients. We are fully equipped to handle and formulate test items including radioactive labelled compounds as well as controlled substances. Our clinical pathology and histopathology department take care of dose formulation analysis, blood sample analysis as well as production of tissue slides for our skilled pathologists. In our animal facility, housing and care of animals are performed to high standards to ensure optimal health and welfare for all our animals.


Study types

Scantox provide a range of different study types to clients within pharmacology, toxicology and histopathology.

Scantox Servies - Preclinical pathology laboratory


Our histopathology department is ready to offer full support and guidance both for studies run in-house but also to provide slide processing and/or histopathological evaluation for ex-house studies.

Scantox Histopathology

Medical Devices

For Medical Devices that needs testing we perform all in vivo studies all the way up to chronic toxicity as well as LAL test for pyrogenicity and haemocompatibity testing.

Medical Devices Scantox
Scantox Pig

Minipig toxicology

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, we are considered global leaders within minipig toxicology studies.

Scantox Science

Scientific Excellence

We work to the highest scientific standards, and engage with partners in scientific collaborations to provide the best scientific results and highest degree of knowledge.

Scantox People

Expertise and Quality

The Scantox team are all experts, dedicated and passionate about providing the highest quality work to our partners.

Scantox Ethics


We work consistently with integrity in our efforts to deliver scientific results. We apply high ethics standards in all aspects of our operations – employees, animals and environment.

Scantox Customers


We partner with our clients. And as our valued partner, you will be in contact with a Scantox scientist during the entire project process.

Scantox Sustainability


Scantox strives for energy-efficient processes, and has ecological measures implemented to provide sustainable solutions in all that we do.