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Scantox Wins ’Company of the Year 2022’ Award

Company of the year

At the annual New Years Celebration arranged by Connect Køge, Scantox was announced as this year’s winner of the ’Company of the Year 2022’ award. Two other nominees were in the race for the award.

”Within their specific line of business, the winning company is a market leader in Northern Europe, and a guarantee for high professional standards and a quality next to none. After an impressive turnaround in 2020, the company is now in a rapid development with a three-digit million annual turnover, and a workforce that has nearly tripled”, it was said in the announcing of Scantox as the winner.

We are extremely happy and proud to receive this recognition from the business community in Køge. As one of the largest employers in the region, Scantox is actively contributing to attracting high-level candidates to the region, and a big effort also continuously goes into using local vendors whenever possible.

Every year, Connect Køge awards a local company with the prize, and the nominees are companies that have made an outstanding effort in the past year to actively contribute to the local community.

For more information:  https://connectkoege.dk/