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Neuro4D: A Focused Meeting of Neuroscience Experts

Neuro4D: A Focused Meeting of Neuroscience Experts

How are today’s neuroscience innovations shaping the future of treatment for neurodegenerative diseases? Scantox Neuro is excited to discuss this question at the upcoming Neuro4D conference in Mainz on May 27-28, 2024.

This exclusive event unites key industry researchers and opinion leaders. They will discuss the latest advancements in neuroscience. The meeting will focus on disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Huntington’s disease. With around 60-65 attendees, the conference aims to promote highly interactive discussions.

Scantox Neuro’s Contributions to the Conference

As a sponsor of the event and thanks to an invitation from an esteemed client, Scantox Neuro is proud to share our latest research in the field of ALS. Roland Rabl and Stefanie Krassnig will highlight aspects of our in vivo and in vitro research through a talk and a poster presentation.

Roland Rabl’s Talk: “Longitudinal characterization of a transgenic B6.SOD1-G93A mutant-based ALS mouse model

Key Insights:

  • The model is more suitable for studying early-stage ALS pathology and extends the window for therapeutic intervention
  • Longitudinal tracking of NF-L and CMAP biomarkers in plasma samples enables a more sensitive approach in treatment efficacy studies
  • Histological findings reveal spinal cord disease progression, including changes in TDP-43 expression, inflammation, and neuronal loss, which mirrors human ALS pathology

Stefanie Krassnig’s Poster: “Comparative analysis of in vitro systems for TDP-43 pathology

Key Insights:

  • Findings underscore the translational value of in vitro models in screening novel compounds targeting TDP-43 pathologies.
  • They also highlight the capability of in vitro models to provide deeper insights into the molecular mechanisms behind neurodegenerative diseases

Both presentations showcase our integrated approach to tackling neurodegenerative diseases.

Join Us in Advancing Neuroscience

We’re looking forward to engaging with researchers at Neuro4D. This conference is a fantastic opportunity to exchange knowledge, discuss new assays and disease models, and potentially establish new partnerships.

Meet with Roland and Stefanie. Learn more about their research and explore future collaborations!