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Minipigs in Focus: Join Scantox at the 16th MRF in Amsterdam

Minipigs in Focus: Join Scantox at the 16th MRF in Amsterdam

How can minipigs enhance your research outcomes? Join Scantox’s experts at the 16th Minipig Research Forum (MRF) in Amsterdam from May 22-24, 2024, and dive deep into the use and benefits of minipigs.

Organized by Göttingen Ellegard, Denmark’s leading breeder of Göttingen minipigs, this 3-day event will cover a wide range of minipig applications. Attendees can expect highly interactive sessions that showcase the latest advancements and innovative methodologies.

Scantox’s Engagement at the Forum

As a leading preclinical CRO, Scantox reaffirms its commitment to minipig research by sponsoring this event. We will host a breakout session led by our minipig Study Director, Maria Korsgaard and animal technician Pernille Olesen. The session will be chaired by our Senior Scientist and MRF Steering Committee member, Kari Kaaber.

With extensive experience in veterinary pharmacology and deep knowledge of minipigs, Maria is especially qualified to lead the discussion and all practical aspects can be supported by Pernilles’ years of technical experience.

During their introductory talk, Maria and Pernille will discuss how minipigs are relevant for safety pharmacology and general toxicity studies.

You will specifically learn about:

  • Cardiovascular data collection: Techniques like Jacketed Telemetry, Implantable Telemetry, and Snapshot ECG
  • Research flexibility: How minipigs accommodate various study designs requiring both continuous and snapshot cardiovascular recordings
  • The setup of advanced infusion techniques: Effective strategies for toxicity studies, focusing on various pump types and administration sites

Why Choose Minipigs for Your Research?

Minipigs are increasingly valued due to their anatomical and physiological resemblance to humans. Their manageable size, ease of breeding, and cost-effectiveness make them a practical alternative to traditional models like dogs and non-human primates.

At Scantox, we rely on minipigs for a variety of studies, including safety pharmacology and general toxicology. They are crucial in metabolic studies, where other models, such as dogs, sometimes fail to accurately replicate human metabolic pathways. Furthermore, minipigs are particularly effective for dermal studies, such as wound healing, because their skin properties closely resemble those of human skin.

An Invitation to Connect

Don’t miss the chance to connect with our colleagues on-site.

They will be happy to share their experience with minipigs and how they can help propel your drug through the preclinical pipeline.


From the left: Kari Kaaber, Maria Korsgaard and Pernille Olesen.