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Working at Scantox

Let Scantox be the next step in your career

Scantox is the largest contract research organization for preclinical research within the Nordic countries, and in Denmark where our headquarters is based, we are regionally one of the fastest growing employers. These are just some of the reasons why Scantox is a much sought-after employer. Our industry is life sciences, and the research done by our team is an important step within the the development phase of new drugs and medical devices.
The Scantox Group is located in Denmark and in Sweden, and our entire team approaches each day, each project and each task knowing that our work and effort may have a crucial impact on health and well-being of people worldwide. This makes every day, every task and every effort count.

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s Scantox.

Company Culture

The Scantox Group is an international organisation, rooted in Scandinavian traditions and in deeply founded values.

A career at Scantox is much more than a job. Each person in the company is contributing to impacting countless lives locally and globally. At Scantox you will make a difference from Day One.

We have a professional atmosphere and a unique team spirit shaped by the fact that our experts come from many different areas; veterinarians, pathologists, finance, business development – and much more. 23% of our staff come with an academic background, contributing to the highly professional work environment.

Scantox is certified as a Great Place to Work™.

At Scantox you don’t just have a job – you are granted the unique opportunity to make a true difference to people across the globe.


The foundation upon which all activities at Scantox are built is people coming with different knowledge and with a mixed set of valuable expertise and specialties. We strive to protect the well-being of all Scantox employees.

A multitude of professional backgrounds come together at Scantox for a unique work environment where we produce the best scientific results and serve our clients and the market as well as possible.

This is what makes Scantox successful worldwide.

Scantox is an inclusive employer, and our workforce is mixed by all age groups, gender and backgrounds. This contributes to a positive professional atmosphere – it is simply a nice place to be! Teamwork, smiling faces and a good sense of humour is a part of every day in all the Scantox locations.

We work at a high pace and with a high degree of commitment to both clients and colleagues, and we respect each other for the unique skills, differences and perspectives that we each bring.

Examples of typical job functions at Scantox

Get an insight into some of the many job functions at Scantox and learn more about what it means to work in different job areas at Scandinavia’s leading preclinical CRO.

The Client Service and Business Development team works in the front-line and they are typically first point of contact for our customers – by phone, e-mail or at conferences. 

This team provides customer service and manages customer requests. Roles are balanced between sales and service, and they work within a highly scientific environment. Daily assignments include direct contact with clients, calculation of prices, proposal preparation, and of course continuous follow up. The dialogue with the client is essential and it is vital that all communication – Danish or English – is clear and concise. The team has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech industries.

As an animal caretaker you must be in good physical shape. The animal caretakers are responsible for the care, feeding and cleaning of the animal houses and laboratories. They also perform dosing animals in the various studies, as well as collecting and handling samples and data from the animals (electronic data collection). The work is centered around live animals, so naturally there is a very high focus on animal welfare, care for quality and responsibility, as we work in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Animal caretakers at Scantox are typically trained animal caretakers, farmers, veterinary nurses or laboratory technicians and they work in the Technical Operations team.

Pathologists at Scantox work with post-study microscopic evaluation and interpretation of tissue. They prepare comprehensive descriptions /reports and interpretations of the microscopic findings in the study, as well as participate in necropsy supervision. They may also participate in necropsies and gross-pathological interpretation, sample collection, and fixation. The pathologists have close collaboration with study directors and laboratory staff. They take on a consultancy role within pathology-related issues, provide scientific expertise for designs and guide staff in the histopathology laboratory. The pathologists provide support to new customers.

The pathologists are professional veterinarians (DVM degree).

The Scantox laboratory animal veterinarians perform hands-on veterinary work and they are in contact with many professional groups within the company. Typical tasks include clinical observations, assessment, examination and treatment of laboratory animals, as well as operations. Veterinarians advise veterinary collaborators internally, e.g. our animal caretakers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists or biologists and for surgical operations it is the veterinarian who sets the participating team. Animal welfare is a high priority in Scantox and is continuously assessed by the veterinarians. Test methods and models are continuously developed and validated.

Study directors at Scantox are responsible for the various preclinical studies, and they are in direct contact with the clients (typically from the pharmaceutical industry) who commissioned the study. The study directors advise clients on the regulatory requirements and on choice of study design. They prepare study protocols for the study based on client wishes and regulatory requirements. Internally they collaborate with many professional groups, including animal caretakers, laboratory staff and pathologists, on the operational implementation of the study and generation of all data. This requires an immense overview both internally and externally. When the study has been completed, data is processed and a final report including results and conclusion is prepared.

To become a study director you must have a background as M.Sc. with a scientific background e.g. biologist, pharmacist or veterinarian and come with experience in preclinical studies.

At Scantox there are a number of different types of laboratories, e.g. bioanalysis laboratories, laboratories for histopathology and laboratories for preparation of test items.

In the Bioanalysis Laboratories (HPLC, LC MS/MS) the team is responsible for developing and validating bioanalysis methods for the studies. In the histopathology laboratories, histological incisions for the  pathologists, including trimming, embedding, cutting, special staining and immunohistochemical staining and quality checks. The team here also perform autopsies on the animals. The team in the preparation laboratory works closely with the study directors to ensure correct and timely preparation of formulations used in the studies.

Our Laboratory Technicians have all completed an Associate’s Degree as a minimum, and they have acquired highly specialized competencies within their special task fields. Everyone in the Scantox facility works according to GLP.

Purchasing and shipping handles all procurement and supplier negotiations for the company – from coffee beans to highly specialized hospital equipment and pretty much everything in-between. This department will manage shipments to clients worldwide. This includes preparation and handling of all shipping documents, as well as final monitoring to check that the goods have reached the destination safely and on time. As an employee in the Scantox purchasing/shipping department great skills are required for precision, structure, overview and quality, and you must have good and concise communication skills in both Danish and English. The staff in this department is in close dialogue with technical and academic staff both internally and externally.

Work Life Balance

Having a good work life balance is important, and Scantox has various measures in place to ensure a balanced relation between personal life and work at the company for our employees.

  • Scantox plans extended and enabled professional development in balance with private goals
  • We offer as much flexibility as is possible within a professional work environment
  • We have flexible work hours within a daily schedule

Job Packages

Scantox strives to offer job packages individually tailored to ensure the highest possible level of work life balance for everyone in the company.

We offer comprehensive and industry competitive benefits packages, and we remain ahead and well prepared for the future by encouraging continuous training within all teams.