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Finding Solutions for Neuroinflammation – Scantox at CNS Therapeutics Xchange 2024


How can cutting-edge techniques and robust experimental systems solve drug development challenges for neuroinflammation ? Scantox is delighted to share our solutions at the Boston central nervous system (CNS) Therapeutics Xchange Meeting 2024 on June 24.

The event will host around 60 attendees, bringing together leading executives from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. It provides the ideal environment for in-depth, face-to-face discussions and exploring new partnership opportunities.

Key Insights

Stefan Ebner-Benke, Head of Study Coordination, and Ewald Auer, Director of Business Development, will represent Scantox in Boston.

Stefan will present “A Guide through Preclinical Drug Testing Systems for Neuroinflammation.” He will outline Scantox’s integrated approaches to studying neuroinflammatory processes and discuss the most effective model systems for each drug development stage.

Key service lines:

  • In vitro assays: These include systems, such as isolated neurons and cell lines. They are essential for screening novel compounds targeting disease-specific pathologies.
  • Organoid systems: These ex vivo systems mimic brain-like structures, such as organotypic brain slices and brain organoids. They bridge the gap between traditional cell culture and animal models. Endorsed by regulatory bodies, they are crucial for advancing CNS research.
  • In vivo models: Scantox offers an extensive range of transgenic and induced animal models. Our scientists use induced models to elicit neuroinflammation experimentally. These models enhance the understanding of how novel drugs impact diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

Our Approach to Data

Additionally, Stefan will present our approach to generating detailed, in-house data with a strong focus on consistency and data integrity. Unlike many competitors, we transparently communicate how our experimental systems are validated. This commitment guarantees the models’ effectiveness and provides clients tangible and defendable results for their neuroinflammation research projects.

Our thorough understanding of these systems and direct scientist-to-scientist communication ensures that our customers receive accurate and actionable information about what to expect from the start.

Invitation for One-on-One Engagement

If your organization seeks a comprehensive suite of experimental systems backed by extensive experience and technical skills in neuroinflammation, we invite you to engage directly with Ewald and Stefan at the event.

This meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss in detail how we can tailor our solutions to the needs of your R&D projects.