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TAU Transgenic Mouse Models

Experts in the field have debated for decades whether amyloid-beta or tau is the better target to cure Alzheimer’s Disease. We cannot answer this question but we can offer an extensive CRO service with transgenic mouse models for both aspects of the disease.

Scantox offers custom tailored study design for these models and we are flexible to accommodate to your special interests. We are also happy to advice you and propose study designs. Scantox maintains its own colonies directly in our research facility. Non-transgenic littermates are available as control animals needed for proper study design.

We would be happy to test your compounds in these mouse models!

Readouts depend on model but the most common are:
  • Total tau and phosphorylated tau at different residues
  • Learning and memory deficits (MWM)

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As with all other in vivo models we are also ready to provide samples (brain tissue, CSF etc.) from these animals for analyses in your laboratory.

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