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All articles below represent research done with participation of experts from the Scantox team

Comparison of efficacy between subcutaneous and intravenous application of moss-aGal in the mouse model of Fabry disease

JIMD Reports 2023;1-8, DOI: 10.1002/jmd2.12393, 8 August 2023
Paulina Dabrowska-Schlepp, Andreas Busch, Jin-Song Shen, Rachel Y. Cheong, Lone Bruhn Madsen, Daniel Mascher, Raphael Schiffmann, Andreas Schlaaf

First virological and pathological study of Göttingen Minipigs with Dippity Pig Syndrome (DPS)

PLoS ONE 2023; 18(6): e0281521, 15 June 2023
Hina Jhelum, Nanna Grand, Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen, Sabrina Halecker, Michelle Salerno, Robert Prate, Luise Krüger, Yannick Kristiansen, Ludwig Krabben, Lars Möller, Michael Laue, Benedikt Kaufer, Kari Kaaber, Joachim Denner

Iodine loaded nanoparticles with commercial applicability increase survival in mice cancer models with low degree of side effects

PMID 37269144, DOI: 10.1002/cnr2.1843, 2 June 2023
Torkel Falkenberg, Olivia larsson, bengt Hedin, Shigeru Shikari, Takahisa Karita

Subclass-switched anti-spike IgG3 oligoclonal cocktails strongly enhance Fc-mediated opsonization

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA; 120(15):e2217590120. doi: 10.1073/pnas.2217590120.Epub, 3 April 2023
Arman Izadi, Arsema Hailu, Magdalena Godwon, Sebastian Wrighton, Berit Olofsson, Tobias Schmidt, Anna Söderlund-Strand, Elizabeth Elder, Sofia Appelberg, Maria Valsjö, Olivia Larson, Vidar Wendel-Hansen, Mats Ohlin, Wael Bahnan, Pontus Nordenfelt.

Alginate and Nanocellulose Dressings With Extract From Salmon Roe Reduce Inflammation and Accelerate Healing of Porcine Burn Wounds

Journal of Burn Care & Research,  Oxford Academic, 14 January 2023
Karin Gilljam, Patrik Stenlund, Simon Standoft, Sisse Bindslev Andersen, Kari Kaaber, Henrik Lund, Karl R K Bryn.

The Non-Human Primate in Safety Assessment of a Bifunctional Long-Acting Insulin Analogue

International Journal of Toxicology, SAGE Journals, 17 February 2023
Vivi FH Jensen, Nikolai K Jensen, Kari Kaaber et al.

Spike-Dependent Opsonization Indicates Both Dose-Dependent Inhibition of Phagocytosis and That Non-Neutralizing Antibodies Can Confer Protection to SARS-CoV-2

Frontiers in Immunology, 14 January 2022, Sec. Viral Immunology
Urban Höglund, Olivia Larsson, Wael Bahnan et al.

Development of a Multivalent Kunjin Virus Reporter Virus-Like Particle System Inducing Seroconversion for Ebola and West Nile Virus Proteins in Mice

Microorganisms, 2022, 8(12), 1890
Urban Höglund, Olivia Larsson, Pham-Tue-Hung Tran et al.

A universal SARS-CoV DNA vaccine inducing highly cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies and T cells

EMBO Molecular Medicine (2022) 14:e15821
Urban Höglund, Sofie Weber, Olivia Larsson et al.

Macromolecular Viral Entry Inhibitors as Broad‐Spectrum First‐Line Antivirals with Activity against SARS‐CoV‐2

NIH National Library of Medicine (2022), Adv Sci (Weinh), 2022 Jul 9
Urban Höglund, Olivia Larsson, Rüdiger Groß et al.

Enhanced Seroconversion to West Nile Virus Proteins in Mice by West Nile Kunjin Replicon Virus-like Particles Expressing Glycoproteins from Crimean–Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus

MDPI, Pathogens 2022, 11(2) 2339
Urban Höglund, Olivia Larsson, Pham-Tue-Huang Tran et al.

Behavioral Biology of Pigs and Minipigs

Behavioral Biology of Laboratory Animals , Chapter 15, August 2021
N. Grand, S. Edwards et al.

Probing Skin Barrier Recovery on Molecular Level Following Acute Wounds: An In Vivo/Ex Vivo Study on Pigs

Biomedicines, 2021 Mar 31;9(4):360.
Lone Bruhn Madsen, Enamul Haque Mojumdar, Henri Hansson et al.

Development of an Experimental Ex Vivo Wound Model to Evaluate Antimicrobial Efficacy of Topical Formulations

Int J Mol Sci, 10 May 2021, 22(9):5045
Lone Bruhn Madsen, Madelene Å Andersson, Manoj Puthia

Bladder cancer therapy without toxicity—A dose-escalation study of alpha1-oleate

IJC International Journal of Cancer, 22 April 2020
Urban Höglund,  Pham-Tue-Hung Tran et al.

In Vivo Electroporation Enhances the Immunogenicity of Hepatitis C Virus Nonstructural 3/4A DNA by Increased Local DNA Uptake, Protein Expression, Inflammation, and Infiltration of CD3+ T Cells

The Journal of Immunology, October 1, 2017, 179 (7) 4741-4753
Urban Höglund,  Gustaf Ahlén, Jonas Söderholm et al.

Changes in energy metabolism due to acute rotenone-induced mitochondrial complex I dysfunction – An in vivo large animal model

Science Direct, Elsevier, Mitochondrion vol. 31, November 2016, pages 56-62
Urban Höglund,  Michael Karlsson, Johannes K. Ehinger et al.

Three-Dimensional Cell Culture-Based Screening Identifies the Anthelmintic Drug Nitazoxanide as a Candidate for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

ACCR American Association for Cancer Research Journals, Molegular Cancer Therapeutics, Volume 14, Issud 6, 1 June 2015
Urban Höglund,  Wojciech Senkowski, Xiaonan Zhang et al.

Transepidermal water loss and tape stripping in minipig skin

Toxicology Letters 238(2), October 2015, Pages 271
A. Makin S. Ellemann-Laursen, N. Grand, G. Jeppesen, T. Starostka, J. Løgsted, K. Kaaber

Repeated measurements of motor activity in rats in long-term toxicity studies

Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, Volume 70, Issue 3, November-December 2014, Pages 241-245
V. Golozoubova, T.K. Brodersen, S. Klastrup, M. Oksama, J. Løgsted, A. Makin

The Use of Minipigs in Non-Clinical Research

Haschek and Rousseaux’s Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology, December 2013, Pages 461-475
P. Glerup, N. Grand, M. Skydsgaard

Biodistribution, persistence and lack of integration of a multigene HIV vaccine delivered by needle-free intradermal injection and electroporation

ScienceDirect, Elsevier, Vaccine, Volume 28, Issue 51, 29 November 2010, Pages 8203-8209
Urban Höglund,  Andreas Bråve, Lindvi Gudmunddotter et al.