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Scantox offers a comprehensive full bioanalytical package of LCMS/MS method development, validation, and sample analysis for both exploratory and regulatory studies. We have a dedicated team of bioanalytical chemists with a long record of regulatory experience, who are experts in LCMS/MS bioanalytical method development and validation for the quantification of small molecules and peptides within a variety of different matrices.


Scantox is your bioanalytical partner throughout your entire drug development program.

Our sites include a comprehensive instrumental set-up consisting of LC-MS/MS and GC-MS of different make and model which enables us to differentiate and determine the most suitable method for the project specific combination of analyte, matrix and LLOQ requirement. Our bioanalytical team consists of scientifically and technically strong scientists and technicians with a long and deep understanding of LCMS/MS bioanalysis, and hence the experience and knowledge to guide your assay strategy throughout your drug development program. We set up good, reliable methods, quick, and cost effective that only a small, customer service-oriented organization can do.  

Working according to OECD GLP we validate our analytical methods in accordance with current guidelines for bioanalysis and we take pride in the quality of the results we deliver. We offer sample analysis according to the OECD GLP and additionally according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) enabling us to move your bioanalytical program all the way from discovery to regulated preclinical studies and beyond into the clinic. Hence, Scantox can be your bioanalytical partner throughout your entire drug development program.


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