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Distribution of Advanced Preclinical Models from genOway

Scantox is distributor in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland of advanced preclinical research models from genOway.

BRGSF-HIS Mouse Model

A Mouse Model with human Immune system.

The BRGSF-HIS mouse possesses the most functional reconstituted human immune system currently available on the market. Based on the advanced BRGSF model this mouse offers new opportunities to address human-specific questions in a more relevant manner, facilitating translational research in several biomedical disciplines and approaches.

BRGSF-HIS features

The BRGSF-HIS mouse model possesses all of the major human hematopoietic cell subsets, such as B cells, T cells (including CD4+ Treg cells), NK cells, and the myeloid compartment, including dendritic cells (DCs), plasmacytoid cells (pDCs), and monocytes/macrophages.

  • Highly permissive to human xenograft, including primary or established tumor cells (CDX or PDXs) by virtue of the SIRPαNOD allele expression
  • Lifespan after humanization similar to that of the wild-type mouse ⇨supports long-term engraftment studies
  • Robustness to traveling (stable immune system)
  • Suitable to assess the effects of radiation treatment in vivodue to the absence of the SCID mutation on a BALB/c background
  • A complete, functional complement system makes this a powerful tool for complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) studies

BRGSF-HIS Applications

The BRGSF-HIS mouse model can address a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas and applications, including bispecific antibodies, immuno-oncology, infectiology, vaccines, drug screening, and personalized medicine.

Humanized Immune Checkpoint (ICP)
Mouse Models

A catalogue of reliable and efficient translational mouse models for immunotherapy expressing humanized immune checkpoints.

  •  Single targeted
  • Double targeted
  • Triple targeted

Humanized Immune Checkpoint Models

Therapies targeting immune checkpoints (ICPs) are changing the practice of medical oncology. genOway has developed a catalog of reliable and efficient translational mouse models for immunotherapy expressing humanized immune checkpoints.


These models are suitable to assess the efficacy of immuno-oncology compounds targeting immune checkpoints in fully immunocompetent mice. Moreover, they represent a powerful model system for studying how compounds modulate immune cell response and/or stroma cells in a physiological microenvironment.

Model features

  • Physiological expression of the human target(s)
  • Preservation of the target-ligand interaction
  • Fully functional mouse immune system
  • Lack of expression of the murine target gene, thus avoiding cross-reactivity

  • Suitable for studying:
  • Well-calibrated syngeneic tumor models
  • Long-term treatment(s)
  • T cell exhaustion and reminiscence

About genOway

Founded in 1999, genOway is a scientifically driven biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of genetically modified mouse and rat models and cell lines to meet the advanced translational needs of basic research, clinical trials and pre-clinical studies. The company focuses on several research area and establish both customized as well as advanced preclinical catalogue models, which means that the growing catalogue currently includes more than 30 translational models for immuno-oncology and immunotherapy.

Based in Lyon, France, genOway has more than 20 years of tradition and serves clients at 380 academic institutions and 170 Life Science companies, including 17 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

The activities focus on custom genetic modifications in mice, rats and cell lines, combining routinely used gene editing technologies (knockout, conditional knockout, Knockin, humanization, point mutations, overexpression, etc.).

This technology platform enables the creation of humanized models for translational research, target validation, drug screening, efficacy and safety testing.

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Other Humanized Mouse Models

Other humanized models are also well-established allowing for  in vivo efficacy and safety assessment of biologics and other compounds. This for instance include the:


A double-humanized serum albumin/neonatal Fc receptor mouse model that maintains an autologous receptor-ligand interaction to assess PK/PD studies.


  • Accurate and predictive PK/PD studies of albumin- and FcRn-binding compounds
  • Development of conventional drugs and biologics with enhanced half-lifethrough interaction with HSA and hFcRn
  • Assessment of a variety of compounds, including albumin variants, small molecules, antibody-like biologics and antibodies, including T-cell engager.

Mice with Humanized Immune Targets

The humanized models are well-established mouse lines that allow in vivo efficacy and safety assessment of biologics and other compounds.

  • T-Cell Engager
  • Inflammation and Allergy


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