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Histopathology – A Core Competency

At Scantox you work with a team of expert pathologists, all highly experienced in evaluating short- and long-term toxicity studies performed in most animal species commonly used in preclinical toxicity testing. Additional areas of expertise include evaluating wound healing studies, embryofetal and juvenile studies performed in the Göttingen Minipig.


The histopathology department at Scantox offers full support and guidance for studies run in-house, as well as slide processing and/or histopathological evaluation for ex-house studies.

Efficient, Advanced and Safe Data Transfer

Scantox invests continuously in state-of-the-art technologies to provide crucial research results in the safest, fastest and most efficient manner.

In 2022 an advanced Hamamtsu NanoZoomer S60 whole slide scanner has been installed, facilitating greater scientific interaction between the Scantox team of pathologists and clients worldwide.

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