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Are you dreaming of a professional career as Animal Caretaker?

In that case an apprenticeship with Scantox could be just the right place to start! As a contract research organization we carry out preclinical research for e.g. companies developing new drugs.

The wellfare of all our animals is top priority at Scantox, and our animal caretakers play a crucial role in this.

Apprenticeships and internships are offered at Scantox in Denmark.

What you will learn

During your internship you will be cross-trained in large animals and rodents. Basic tasks such as feeding, grooming, socializing and cleaning are a prerequisit.

You will be trained by Scantox experts in all dosage methods, taking blood tests, collecting urine, taking ECG, blood pressure oma, and much more.


As Animal Caretaker at Scantox your daily work has a vital impact on our animals and ultimately plays a part in improving the health of people globally. Join us and make a difference.


Your apprenticeship starts on your first day in the company. It is divided into 4 main courses. Each main course is combined between a period of internship and school stay. The length of your education may vary, and it can last somewhere between 3 years and 2 months up to 4 years and 5 months. This will depend on different factors, e.g.:

  • which line you have chosen in the Basic Course
  • what background or what thesis you already have
  • perhaps you have started the first Main Course in another company
  • you are over 25

Your apprenticeship will be adapted according to your educational and practical experience. Below you can see the timeline on how the education can stretch.



As a Scantox apprentice you will receive a training agreement and an employment contract for the rest of your education.

You will receive full pay from the day you start and until you have completed your education.

The salary is regulated in accordance with the Jordbrugsoverenskomst between GLS-A and 3 F. The rest of the employment relationship is regulated in accordance with Industriens overenskomst IOK.


    Additionally we also offer internships at Scantox, with shorter or longer duration depending on the purpose.

    If you are currently studying to become Animal Caretaker, if you have a company internship integrated into your studies, or if you would like to try out the profession before you proceed with your studies in this special field, send us an unsolicited application.

    When to apply

    After completing Basic Courses 1 & 2 as Animal Caretaker at a vocational school it is possible for you to apply for an apprenticeship at Scantox. You can do this even before finishing Basic Course 2, and we recommend that you apply for a one week intership beforehand, to try it out and to see if we are a good match.

    Read more about the conditions for admission to school, as well as the contents of the Basic Course of the school education here:

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