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Visit Scantox at SOT in Salt Lake City: Discover Expanded Service Offerings and Collaborative Atmosphere


As the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting approaches, biopharmaceutical companies have a prime opportunity to engage with industry leaders and explore innovative solutions to advance drug development initiatives.

This year, the team at Scantox extends a warm invitation to all attendees to stop by our booth at SOT Week from March 10th to 14th in Salt Lake City. A lot has happened in the last year!

New for 2024: Expanded Service Offerings

In recent years, Scantox has continued to adapt to the changing landscape of drug development and regulatory compliance. We’ve embraced emerging life science trends, including the increasing demand for specialized services in biologics, advanced therapies, and personalized medicine.

By leveraging our scientific expertise and flexible service model, Scantox has remained at the forefront of innovation, providing tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of its diverse client base.

Over the past year, Scantox has significantly expanded its service offerings, positioning itself as a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) in toxicology and preclinical research. Our comprehensive suite of services now includes:

  • Safety Pharmacology
  • Genotoxicity Testing
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Specialty Toxicology Areas
  • IND-Enabling Toxicology Studies

Scantox has been working intentionally to round out our service offerings, striving to become a complete, full-service IND-enabling tox lab. While our capabilities encompass many areas, we are particularly proud of our expertise in safety assessment, general toxicology, and specialty areas.

Additionally, Scantox’s commitment to quality and innovation has propelled our growth and reputation within the industry. Through strategic investments in state-of-the-art facilities, the latest technology, and highly skilled scientific personnel, Scantox has positioned itself as a trusted partner for drug development and regulatory submissions. Our dedication to staying abreast of evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards further solidifies our standing as a premier CRO.

Atmosphere of Openness and Transparency

As a smaller CRO, Scantox fosters an atmosphere of openness and transparency that sets us apart in the industry.

Unlike larger corporations, we prioritize personalized service, flexibility, and direct access to our team of experts. Scantox prides itself on being a company that clients can efficiently navigate, with quick responses and accessible communication channels.

The ability to communicate openly with Scantox personnel does more than put our clients at ease and give them a familiar face to speak with. At Scantox, openness is critical for eliminating delays that can wreak havoc on project timelines and investor confidence.

Lab-Based Turnover? Not at Scantox.

One key strength at Scantox lies in our impressively low employee turnover rate, particularly among lab-based staff such as animal technicians.

Unlike the industry standard, where turnover rates can be alarmingly high, Scantox boasts a stable and experienced workforce. Our technicians undergo rigorous certification processes and are deeply committed to their roles, ensuring continuity and consistency in the execution of experiments.

High rates of turnover among lab-based staff can have detrimental effects on pharmaceutical development projects. These technicians are crucial in conducting preclinical studies, which are integral to drug development. A consistent and skilled workforce is essential for maintaining experiment quality, reliability, and continuity.

When turnover is high, several challenges arise, impacting the projects’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Firstly, the frequent departure of experienced animal technicians results in a loss of institutional knowledge. Secondly, training and onboarding new animal technicians takes time and resources. High turnover necessitates a continuous cycle of hiring and training, diverting attention and effort away from ongoing projects. This constant influx of new staff may lead to a lack of consistency in the execution of experiments, introducing variability that can impact the reproducibility and reliability of study results.

We all know that the pharmaceutical industry operates within strict timelines, with regulatory milestones and competitive pressures. High turnover-related delays have financial implications for pharmaceutical companies relying on timely completion of preclinical studies.

Meet us in Salt Lake City!

As you prepare to attend SOT 2024, we encourage you to prioritize a visit to the Scantox booth. Engage with our team to learn more about our expanded service offerings, collaborative approach, and commitment to scientific excellence. Discover how our agile and customer-centric model can support your drug development projects with high-quality, reliable preclinical research services.

At Scantox, we dedicate ourselves to driving advancements in drug discovery and development, and we look forward to the opportunity to connect with you at SOT Week. Let us partner to accelerate progress and achieve shared success in improving healthcare outcomes.

See you at SOT 2024!

About Scantox

Scantox, a contract research organization (CRO), has forged a significant footprint in toxicology and preclinical research over the past few decades.

Established in the late 1970s, the company initially focused on providing specialized services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Throughout its corporate history, Scantox has committed to excellence in scientific research, regulatory compliance, and client satisfaction.

As Scantox looks toward the future, it remains committed to its core principles of scientific excellence, regulatory compliance, and client-focused collaboration. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality preclinical research services, Scantox drives drug discovery and development advancements, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare outcomes worldwide.