Safety pharmacology

At Scantox we have experience with safety pharmacology studies in both rodents and non-rodents. For non-rodents, dogs and minipigs, we offer cardiovascular assessment both as stand-alone studies but also as an integrated part of our general toxicology studies.

In non-rodent safety pharmacology, we offer either implantable telemetry or jacketed telemetry (JET) depending on client needs. Our skilled veterinarians perform implantation of transmitters and probes on site.
Within rodent safety pharmacology we offer pulmonary assessment by whole body plethysmography in rats.

Safety pharmacology studies

Our safety pharmacology studies are performed according to international harmonization guidelines (ICH S7A, S7B).

Study types

Scantox provide a range of different study types to clients within pharmacology, toxicology and histopathology. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff ensure that our clients are in focus in everything we do. We deliver quality work on time. Different study types are shown below and if the study type you seek is not shown, please get in contact.