Embryo Fetal Toxicology

Embryo Fetal Development and Reproductive Toxicology

Scantox has performed embryofetal development studies in minipigs since 1995 and have thus generated a large background data base on adverse findings in minipig fetuses. A large background data collection is essential for evaluating whether findings in embryo-fetal studies are test item related or simply normal background findings, thus ensuring a clear and precise assessment.

The close collaboration with and nearby location of Ellegard Göttingen Minipigs enable a fast delivery of suitable dams, which are estrus synchronised and mated at Scantox for an optimal timeline and safe conduct of the embryo-fetal study.

S. Ellemann-Laursen, E. Marsden, B. Peter, N. Downes, D. Coulby and A.B. Grossi. 2016, The incidence of congenital malformations and variations in Göttingen minipigs, Reproductive Toxicology 64 (2016), 162-168.

Study types

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