Animal welfare

Scantox Ethics

Our staff is fully dedicated to ensure the best care and welfare of all animals in our facility.


The conduct of studies using experimental animals is licensed by The Animal Ethics Council (Rådet for Dyreforsøg) and are performed in accordance with the Danish Law on Animal Experimentation (LBK nr. 474 af 15/05/2014 and BEK nr. 2028 af 14/12/2020) and the European Directive (2010/63/EU).

Scantox welfare statement

At Scantox, our team of trained and experienced animal technicians and veterinarians take care of our animals to ensure they are healthy. We are dedicated in providing optimal housing, handling and nutrition to our animals. Our welfare group is always working on ways to apply the 3R principles (replacement, reduction and refinement) in the studies we conduct.

Scantox Animal Welfare